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Definition of a Physically Educated Person:

A Physically Educated Person:

HAS learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.

IS physically fit.

DOES participate regularly in physical activity.

KNOWS the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities.

VALUES physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle.

This Week Cove PE & Fitness


The intro week of the 18/19 school year was spent learning the expectations and classroom procedures of our program. Coach W and Coach L value fairness and kindness and are building a community of engaged participants. When students feel comfortable and safe (physically and emotionally) they are much more likely to participate athletically.

In PE...students began establishing their own personal baseline fitness scores through fitness testing. Really well done students!

In Fitness...students were able to re-acquaint themselves with the Fitness Center and the array of workout equipment that Cove provides. The elements of physical safety while using the equipment was stressed as was the expectation for positive interpersonal skills while exercising.


In PE...students completed their fitness scores and continued to learn about muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

In Fitness...students grew their comfort levels in the FC and reexamined the role that a healthy body has in determining lifelong participation in sport.


In PE...sunny days lead to fun outdoor sports and the start of soccer instruction.

In Fitness...upper body shoulders definition and an explanation of interval training. Heart rate up, down, back up again!


In ... passing, receiving, spacing, teamwork, safe play, footwork.

In Fitness...shoulder vs chest press and the angle of attack. Interval training ... jogging vs sprinting.


In PE...Students wrapped up their soccer unit with some exciting games.

In Fitness...Worked on push ups and sit ups.


In PE...We began reviewing the basics of football. Catching, throwing and running routes.

In Fitness...Back, biceps, triceps!


In PE...In addition to catching and throwing, students began playing football games

In Fitness Center rotations


In PE...Students continued playing games of football and Ultimate Football.

In Fitness...Chest and Pecs day!


In PE...Students completed the Pacer and Sit and reach tests for Fitness Testing.

In Fitness...Core Day!


In PE...We began playing volleyball...Learning to bump, set, spike!

In Fitness...balanced self-directed workouts. Hmmm...what did we do the last couple Targeted Days?


In PE...Students began playing volley ball games to help improve their serving and returning skills.

In Fitness...balanced workout.


In PE...Elementary students began basketball skills. The importance of dribbling, passing and ball control. Junior High and High School continued playing Volleyball this week as well.

In Fitness...Back & Shoulders! Traps, lats, deltoids.


In PE...Junior High and High School students continued playing Volleyball. Elementary students continued learning the basics of basketball.

In Fitness...Balance and instability in workouts.


In PE...Volleyball and Basketball continue to rule the courts at Cove School!!!!

In Fitness...Cardio / Curls / Core


In PE...Junior High and High School have began their basketball unit. Students will work on the basics and work their way into game play.

In Fitness Center rotations.


In PE...Continuation of basketball unit.

In Fitness center rotations.


In PE...Continuation of basketball unit.

In Fitness...Balanced workout...cardio / chest / arms / core / back


In PE...Junior High and High School completed fitness testing. Elementary began their hockey unit.

In Fitness...Worked on fitness testing and open workouts.


In PE...Junior High and High School students began playing hockey.

In Fitness...Balanced workout ...cardio / chest / arms / core / back


In PE...Short week, only 2 days students were given choice time to stay physically active.

In Fitness...Incline bench / cable machine press and flys


In PE...Students continued playing hockey, junior high did the PACER test. Next week: Badminton.

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