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Yr8opt Pathways booklet 2019 FINAL.pdf

The Year 8 Pathways process for 2019 is now underway as students start considering their preferred subjects and the Key Stage 4 study pathway they would like to follow from September, in Year 9. This is an exciting, but important new chapter in our Year 8 students’ school life as they progress into GCSE and BTEC study.

Students attended the launch event this week and the ‘Year 8 into 9 Pathways 2019’ packs have been distributed to students – please take time to read this information pack with your child; each pack is specific to an individual student and provides information about subject options.

This year’s Pathways Subject Fair Parents’ Evening is on Thursday, 14th March – 4pm until 7pm. Please reserve this date. We strongly advise Year 8 students and their parents to attend this very important evening. There will be an opportunity to meet with subject leaders and gain subject specific information on course content to help with these important decisions. Information gained from this event will assist when making final preferred subject choices.

CCHS Careers - Enter our competitions

Using no more than 500 words (one page of A4) Tell us who you aspire to be! write about what you want to be when you leave school, the people that inspire you and the reasons why. The best pieces will win love to shop vouchers and have their word displayed on the careers hub.

An infographic is a poster that displays lots of information about a career. Take a look below at the Nurses infographic. There will be a prize for the best infographic in each year group. So pick a career, find out as much information as possible, and put it all together in an infographic.

All competitions will finish at the end of Monday 18th March. You can submit your entry to your form tutor or you can submit it online by clicking here. You can submit an entry for each competition on paper or digitally.

National Careers week 2019

March 4th-9th 2019

In clouds every day during careers week expect to see a range of different companies coming in to show students what opportunities are available locally. The programme for the week is as follows;

Monday - Zurich will be in clouds and delivering the assembly to year 7, plus Searles Financial giving advice about careers in banking and finance. The Essex Ambulance Service will also be joining us in clouds.

Tuesday - Border Force and JTL (Training in Electrical applications), with Border Force delivering an assembly to year 8.

Wednesday - Royal Navy Engineers, Braintree Precision Engineering and Breheny Civil Engineering will be in clouds. The Royal Navy will be delivering the assembly to year 9.

Thursday - will all be about volunteering opportunities so NCS, Catch 22 and Oxfam will be in clouds. Also Strategy Education will be showing our students routes into careers in education.

Friday - Is all about advice and guidance, AIM Apprenticeships, CCHS Sixth Form, Work Experience, CCHS Careers and Aspirations will be in clouds with AIM giving the assembly to year 10.

Plus everyday after school there will be a drop in clinic in c11 for students that want to explore their career choices in more detail with Mrs Read.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

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