Kindergarteners are Learning to Love Learning!

Students learn to Love and Serve God & Others by:

  • Recognizing Bible stories and how they apply to everyday life.

  • Demonstrating knowledge of Catholic prayers and mass responses.

  • Articulating grade level church doctrine, history, and moral issues.

  • Participating in and reflect on age-appropriate service learning projects.

  • Attending masses with Fr. Leo, school wide drives for the homeless, and special prayer services by grade level.

Students Love Learning:

  • Through the Common Core Standards in ELA & Math, Social Studies Standards, FOSS Science kits & investigations, Religious textbooks, and their writing journals.

  • Through various series of experiences that lead to many "aha!" moments in their first year of schooling.

  • By having opportunities to explore things on their own at school, home, in the outdoors, and in the real-world.

  • When they are engaged in meaningful conversations during the day in order for children to develop their own love and joy for learning.

  • By having ample opportunities to read, learn, and have fun with their 5th grade buddy all year long!

Students Learn to Love One's Self by:

  • Loving their family, friends, themselves, animals, our planet, and by being an upstander.

  • Sharing their responses every morning during circle time for the question of the day.

  • Participating in school church families with various grade levels, having a special lunch buddy each day, and by learning about other families in the school.

  • Learning their own cultures through multiple in-class projects, learning about other cultures, being student of the week, learning about various holidays around the world, and at the end of the year students create a diorama project that reflects their own culture.