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NYS Mandated Trainings


Workplace Violence 

Required for NYS Employees
Length: 15 min

Due: March 1st , 2024

Description: Understanding the factors that contribute to workplace violence in educational institutions is essential for creating a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff. NYS Labor Law Section 27-b, known as the Workplace Violence Prevention Act, was enacted in 2006.  In 2009, NYS Department of Labor (DOL) implemented regulations to accompany the Workplace Violence Prevention Act. These regulations can be found at 12 NYCRR 800.6 and are enforced by the NYS DOL.

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Copiague Public Schools Professional Learning Plan 

23-24 PLP CUFSD.pdf

Mental Health Awareness

Due by:  September 15, 2023

Sexual Harassment  

Due by:  October 1, 2023

Child Abuse Prevention

Due by:  November 30, 2023

Bloodborne Pathogens

Due by:  January 1, 2024

Digital Security & Protection

Due by:  January 1, 2024

My Learning Plan

The Copiague Public Schools has adopted the My Learning Plan Professional Development tool to provide a supportive, high quality PD management system to the members of our learning community.

The My Learning Plan Professional Development tool is an extension of our APPR evaluation system and can be accessed with your same credentials.

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