What's New in First Grade?

Scroll through the pictures to see some of the exciting things we have been up to in first grade!

Pumpkin Time!

First graders had so much fun learning about pumpkins. We learned about the characteristics of pumpkins, the life cycle of pumpkins and even counted the seeds inside of a pumpkin.

Thank you to the Hancock Fire Department for a great visit, we learned about fire safety and had so much fun exploring the trucks!

Apple Grabbers

The first graders needed to engineer a tool that would help them pick up a paper apple and then pass it to a friend without touching the apple with their hands. They came up with some creative solutions!

Practicing math with games!

Literacy Centers

First graders work on reading, writing and spelling during literacy centers.

First Grade loves to Read!

Reading on our own or with a friend, our library is always a busy spot!

First Grade Scientists looking for signs of insects!

First Day of School!

What a great day learning and playing together! I am looking forward to a great year!