The Game

No Limit Texas Hold'em

Don't let the "No Limit" part be a deterrence. Many poker games cap the size of any one bet. The "No Limit" part means that a player can bet all of the chips they have. With a $10 buy-in for these games, nobody is getting rich, and nobody is going broke.

There are a lot of varieties of poker out there. This is the one that was popularized by ESPN's coverage of the World Series of Poker in the early 2000s, and is the one that most people are now familiar with. It is played in a tournament-style (just like TV) and the games are scheduled to last about three hours. People are allowed to buy back in one time, if they bust out early.

Here is a list of poker hands listed in order of strength. Below is a quick tutorial video on how hold'em is played.

T1000 Tournament

Each player starts with 1000 in chips, with some opportunities for some bonus chips at the beginning. With a $10 buy-in, each chip unit equates to a penny. The tournament structure is sometimes called a turbo, where the bet minimums rise quickly so that the action keeps moving and the whole thing wraps up in about three hours. The pot of buy-in money is split up among the top finishers. There is no rake and no additional entry fee.