Discover Online Learning

Concord Community Schools is pleased to provide our online initiative, MOVE UP Academy - Minutemen Optimizing Virtual Education to Unleash Possibilities, to the students at Concord High School. As online education cultivates viable pathways for students seeking choice and flexibility in how they learn, MOVE UP Academy is our response to a growing need to educate learners in new and innovative ways. Our online courses develop students’ capacity to think critically, work collaboratively, and interact with content in an engaging manner. The mission of MOVE UP Academy consists of three main goals:

Emphasize Real-World Relevance

Today’s learners are expected to go beyond an acquisition of facts in order to transfer and apply knowledge in an increasingly global world. Courses will deepen students’ knowledge by creating learning experiences that matter. Students are active participants in their learning and demonstrate an understanding of the course material through project-based tasks and authentic applications.

Provide Meaningful Relationships

Our online courses are designed to engage learners with the social stimulation and support that students need to successfully network and communicate in today’s world. Through ongoing dialogue, students will become diverse thinkers and increase their own self-awareness. By offering smaller and more strategic class sizes, instructors are better equipped to provide more ongoing and substantial feedback on student work and encourage learners to foster meaningful and collaborative relationships with their peers.

Remove Barriers to Learning

Online courses create new and necessary pathways to support students with a variety of learning needs. Through MOVE UP Academy, students have increased course choices and flexibility. Students may choose to take online courses to advance in their studies, take initial credit courses as an alternative to the traditional face-to-face instructional model, and take courses that did not previously fit in their schedule.