Pleiades Robotics FTC 14659

Hello, we are Pleiades Robotics!

We are based in Fort Collins Co. at Compass Community Collaborative School. We are a team ranging from 9th through 12th grade. We often meet two to three times a week for two to three hours. We are good at finding creative and innovative solutions to any of our challenges. Our community members' support has provided us with a lot of encouragement and love. 

Our Robotics Charter

Our school encourages charters for classes, teams, students, and staff; creating a charter provides a safe and supportive team. 

Pleiades Robotic's mission is to connect through our community while designing, building, and sustaining both a robot and a robotics team. We hope to learn more about engineering, coding, team building, and empathizing with each other, our projects, and other USA robotics teams! 

Down below are our charters values!

We are willing to make this happen by...

We want to feel...

When conflict arises or feelings are hurt we will...