About The Vision

Following the adoption of Columbus Academy's Strategic Vision 2017, the Columbus Academy Technology Department began looking for ways CA's technology could be used to get after the goals of the Vision, shown below, as well as enhance Columbus Academy's already strong Computer Science and Upper School Robotics programs. To that end, Columbus Academy's Technology Department is exploring a powerful technology toolset to enable the CA community to create, build and explore areas of interest to them.

These technology tools include 360 video cameras, 3D printers, Arduinos, software development tools, CNC machines and laser cutters.

This site describes some of the programming and resources developed as a result of these efforts. Daily examples of student and faculty engagement with CA's Technology Vision can be viewed at @CAVikesSteam.

Columbus Academy's Strategic Vision 2017 is to imbue Columbus Academy’s excellent academic tradition with critical thinking, creativity and reflection by pursuing these strategic goals:

  • Curricular Innovation: Innovating the way we teach, learn and play while reasserting Columbus Academy’s most sound programs both inside and outside our classes.
  • Ethics and Character Formation: Elevating students’ insight into difference, ethics and character formation through reflective discovery about self and others and active implementation of cultural competencies.
  • Student Flourishing: Honoring the way our students achieve and flourish by emphasizing determination, creativity, sense of play and iteration as important and healthy components of their success.
  • Service Learning: Fostering compassion, respect and moral courage through the intentional practice of sustained service work beyond the school’s walls.
  • Campus as a Living Classroom: Instilling a sense of stewardship and wonder of our campus as a living classroom.

Columbus Academy Strategic Vision 2017