About Us

Cogent Language

Cogent Language offers innovative learning opportunities in design, collaboration, and project know-how for growing project managers, especially in the Asia Pacific region..

Managing Director Dan Clapper grew up in Silicon Valley, a neighbor of Steve Jobs. After graduating Stanford Phi Beta Kappa, Dan went to work with some of the top organizations in intercultural education, leading the design of instructional systems in more than a dozen countries.

He launched Cogent Language as a US limited liability company (LLC) under Arizona law in 2005. There in the US, our only offering was pure consulting on human resource development. Clients were US and Asia Pacific multinationals.

After a series of successful engagements in Japan, Cogent Language opened a branch in Tokyo in 2007. We began working here with domestic and global businesses. Initially, our stock in trade was advice on training to executives and training on project management for managers.

While demand for our corporate services continued to expand, we became more interested in serving individuals directly, rather than working through managers, HR administrators, and corporate executives. Thus, as our main line of business, we now provide career education in project management directly to individuals.