About Cogent Language

Our Story

Cogent Language designs and deploys project based learning (PBL) in order to develop project know-how for global careers.

We were founded as a US limited liability company (LLC) under Arizona law in 2005. Our founder and managing director is Dan Clapper. Growing up in Silicon Valley, Clapper learned to value collaboration, innovation, and user-friendly design early on. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford, impressed by theater, the Macintosh computer, and systems thinking, he went on to earn advanced degrees in literature, language education and cybernetic systems. These became the academic foundation for two decades of innovative work as an educator, curriculum designer, training manager, and consultant prior to his launching Cogent Language.

At first, the only offering of Cogent Language was pure consulting. Our major clients were US and Asia Pacific multinationals. As our network grew, we began to provide career education advice and services in curriculum design for schools as well. For project-based learning (PBL) in schools, we were early adopters of tablet devices and cloud-based platforms. We continue to innovate in these areas. After a series of successful engagements in Japan, we opened our operations here in 2007. Today, our clients are primarily global businesses and world-class international schools in Tokyo.