This is Cogent Language! For organizations in Japan, we build collaboration, project management, and leadership skills.

We have been serving premier companies here, domestic and global, for more than a decade. We offer learning paths in English for native speakers and/or bilingual participants, in a wide range of industries, including IT, finance, engineering, construction, pharmaceutical, and publishing.

Approved as a provider of training by the Project Management Institute (PMI), we have, as our key value proposition, an approach to developing project know-how that we call "cogent". By this approach, participants construct new systems that add long-term value in their own real worlds. To support participants in this creative journey, we co-design learning paths that are constructive, cooperative, cumulative, and personal. On these paths, participants build their own project know-how as they create value for their organizations.

This approach is equally cogent for organizations outside the private sector. For this reason, we also work with universities interested in project management, entrepreneurship, or design thinking, as well as international schools wishing to do project-based learning (PBL) or to enhance their ongoing PBL, internship, or career-focused programs.

For firms in Tokyo, we have a portfolio of programs, as well as customized training and consulting. For schools anywhere in Japan, we offer a full spectrum of services, all with strong emphasis on learning via projects.

Featured Course

This course provides classroom preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential examination in a systematic, accelerated format. It addresses the sixth edition of the PMBOK® Guide, the first to incorporate substantial guidance on agile project management. Thus, this course is "about" agile. More importantly, its learning architecture is built on that of agile project management. Flexible and collegial, it allows participants to explore the applicability of the PMBOK® Guide to their current projects based on considerations of business value. Successful completers earn 23 PDU's towards PMI education requirements for the PMP credential.

Participants learn by studying the PMBOK® Guide directly, and by analytical and constructive tasks addressing project management practices of their own workplaces. Each can identify and focus on team issues and PMBOK® Guide applications that s/he cares about. Each also develops a portfolio of a tailored applications that may have real business value for his or her teams and organization. Class size is kept small so that facilitator can provide personalized coaching on each participant's work. Finally, each develops a personalized plan to pass the PMP Examination by a date s/he specifies.

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