Focus on Innovation

Cogent Language builds design, collaboration, and project management know-how for individuals and groups in Japan that focus on innovation .

Our competencies show in our credentials and track record. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has approved us as a training provider. Companies in Japan – domestic and global – have been choosing us for more than a decade. Our clients include top-of-the-line firms in the IT, finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and publishing industries.

In these dynamic fields, creativity and design are essential. Developing these capabilities is a core competency of Cogent Language. Each of our courses is a creative journey, with learning paths for native speakers and bilinguals, paths that are personal, playful, collaborative, and constructive. On these paths, participants explore, develop, and test systems that may add long-term value in their organizations. By modeling such systems in context, each participant develops essential creative and design skills.

We also serve innovative communities outside the private sector. We work with universities interested in project management, entrepreneurship, or design thinking, as well as international schools wishing to do project-based learning (PBL) or to enhance their ongoing PBL, internship, or career-focused programs.

For firms in Tokyo, we have a portfolio of programs, as well as customized training and consulting. For schools anywhere in Japan, we offer a full spectrum of services, all with strong emphasis on learning via projects.

New Workshops for 2019!

Silicon Valley Creativity

Where did all of Steve Jobs' ideas come from? Enter his world and find out!

From Electrical Engineers, Hackers, and Venture Capitalists to Hippies and Ecotopians - these are the worldviews that inspired the young Jobs. For better or worse, they now drive innovation around the world.

Each workshop in this series introduces you to one of these diverse and powerful worldviews. Learn key thinkers, their big ideas, language, and means of collaboration. Then, try them out in a mini-project of your own!

Workshop #1 introduces Electrical Engineers. It looks at Silicon Valley founders and at the systems they created. A great example is Robert Noyce, pictured here. Nicknamed the "Mayor of Silicon Valley", he was the co-inventor of the computer chip, and later mentor of Steve Jobs. Learn how Noyce and other Electrical Engineers modeled their systems. Then, learn how to do a technical walkthru like they did...and still do!

The series begins this January in Harajuku, Tokyo's own capital of innovation. There, with some Silicon Valley creativity, what might you construct?

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Workshop #1 Electrical Engineers