Cogent Language

Cogent Language builds know-how in design, collaboration, and project management. Approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a training provider, we offer, as our stock in trade, project-based learning for global careers, tailored to client requirements. Since our start in 2005, we have had long-term client relationships in the nonprofit, education, and private sectors. Our corporate clients include top-of-the-line Asia-Pacific and US firms, in IT, finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and publishing.

In these dynamic areas, design and agility are essential. Developing these capabilities is a core competency of Cogent Language. Each of our courses is a problem-solving design journey, via learning paths that are personal, playful, cumulative, and constructive. On these paths, bilinguals and English speakers create, develop, and prototype solutions that could add value to their own work. By modeling such solutions in collaborative contexts, each participant enhances individual design skills, while class teams develop the agility they need to contribute to their organizations in real time.

Cogent Language also serves organizations focused on innovation outside the private sector. These include universities interested in design, entrepreneurship, or project management, as well as international schools wishing to begin or enhance programs in project-based learning (PBL) or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) .

For individuals and firms anywhere in the world, Cogent Language offers live online training in collaborative design. For those in Tokyo, we have a portfolio of programs, as well as customized training and consulting.

New, Live, and Online!

Designing with Others

Inform and inspire your collaborative projects! Check out our new online course, “Designing with Others”, going live this summer!

It is for anyone doing collaborative design in any domain. It is especially useful for young professionals in APAC: dev team members, SMEs, or engineers wishing to coach, consult, or manage, as well as PBL and STEM educators teaching online.

It's a great big package!

Here's what you'll take away:

  • a foundation in design theory and approaches,
  • task-based practice in leading methodologies,
  • lots of chances to try out today's tools
  • an in-depth, Asia-Pacific case simulation.

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