BYOD Security and Damages

The following is an explanation of point 4c of the Digital Agreement.

4. Student Participation in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

c. Security and Damages

Responsibility to keep privately owned devices secure rests with the individual owner. CI, Teachers and staff, are not liable for any device stolen or damaged on school grounds. If a device is stolen or damaged, it will be handled through the school administrative office in the same manner as other personal items that are impacted in similar situations.

In more detail:

It is important that students take responsibility for:

  1. All their own equipment

  2. Naming their device

  3. Handling it carefully and safely

  4. Storing it securely when not in use

Mishandling portable devices is the largest cause of problems. Most devices will come with care guidelines which we advise users to read.

Cobham provides the following guidelines:

  • Portable devices must be protected by a username and password. This is not to be disclosed to other students.

  • All devices must be in a protective case.

  • Devices are to be used by the owner only, and not shared with peers.

  • Avoid storing devices at the bottom of a school bag – pressure from books can damage the screen and hinges.

  • If storing a device in a hinged personal desk, place it away from the metal supports.

  • Do not store anything additional to the device within the case or sleeve (e.g. cords, papers or disks), as this may damage the screen.

  • Carry your device within its protective cover inside your normal school bag. Do not overfill your school bag. (Pressure on the device can cause permanent damage to the screen and other components)

  • Never lift the device by the screen. This will stress the hinge mechanism, which also carries the power supply to the screen.

  • Never lift the device by the case alone. Ensure the device is supported.

  • Never leave your device in a car or in an exposed area where it can be stolen.

  • Never leave your device in sight of windows when not in use.

  • Never leave your device in unsupervised areas during the school day.

Security of devices while at school - secure ‘cows’ are provided for students to store their personal devices when not in use. The school highly recommends that devices are put into their local cow for break times and sessions such as assembly or P.E.

The security of a student owned device is the responsibility of the student

Deliberate Damage

Where there has been deliberate damage to a device by another student, the school’s procedure for dealing with inappropriate behaviour will be used to determine consequences for the students involved in any such incident. Parents/Guardians of the students involved in any such incident will be contacted by the school to discuss appropriate remediation.