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Harding University High School Inter-Club Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) will regulate Harding University High School's clubs and organizations to ensure the rights and voice of all students are protected and represented. The ICC will also ensure that equitable practices are implemented within every club and organization represented at Harding University High School. The ICC will serve as the liaison between represented clubs and organizations, school personnel, and community stakeholders. Each club and/or organization will appoint a club officer to serve as an ICC representative. The ICC representative will be responsible for attending the ICC meetings to conduct official business.

New Clubs: HUHS has a streamlined process that ensures equity, accountability, and transparency. In order for a club to be established, the club applications must be completed and submitted by the given deadline. School Administration and the ICC will review and evaluate submitted applications for new clubs in October and February of each school year. It is imperative to understand that the ICC is committed to supporting club longevity and growth from year-to-year.

ICC Constitution

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Club Induction Packet

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New Club Application

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Last Modified September 2022