Community House Middle School Counseling Department


The school counseling program at CHMS is designed to be proactive and to assist in meeting the developmental, academic, and personal/social needs of every student. The counseling program provides educational, preventative, and intervention services to help each student reach his/her optimal level of school performance. These services are facilitated through individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community House Middle School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental program focused on the cognitive (academic), social/emotional and career development of all students to ensure they reach the highest level of academic success for global citizenship.

Contact Us

Parental contact is encouraged and appreciated whenever there are concerns or questions. Your school counselors are:

Class of 2026 (6th grade) Ms. Cassandra Perkins - Ms. Perkins' e-mail

Class of 2025 (7th grade) Mrs. Valerie Johnson - Ms. Johnson's e-mail

Class of 2024 (8th grade) Mrs. Christy Babao - Ms. Babao's e-mail

Academic Counselor (All grades) Mr. Kyle Wegner - Mr. Wegner's email

Watch this video to learn more about School Counseling and Confidentiality!