Digital Citizenship

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CHMS Chromebook 1:1 Plan

We will use chromebooks to enhance teaching and learning in all subject areas through increased student engagement, differentiated instruction, and access to a multitude of resources. We will also use technology to build 21st Century Skills in our students, with a particular focus on critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. However we need to be mindful that we also teach students how to be safe and responsible as they navigate the digital world. Our mission is to ensure that students and staff will be safe, use technology appropriately, and act responsibly online in order to expand their knowledge and experiences. To accomplish this goal our students will receive 3+hours of instruction using resources from Common Sense Media on how to become responsible digital citizens in today's world.

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are; it is our choices.


J.K. Rowling

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Digital Access: Electronic participation in society

Digital Commerce: Buying and selling online

Digital Communication: Electronic exchange of information

Digital Literacy: Knowing when and how to use technology

Digital Etiquette: Electronic standards of conduct

Digital Law: Legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

Digital Rights and Responsibility: Freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world

Digital Health and Wellness: Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world

Digital Security: Electronic precautions to guarantee safety

Sources of Information on Digital Citizenship