Centre of Excellence in Sensors & Nanoelectronics

A CMRIT Centre for Research & Innovation in sensor development and nanoelectronics catering to advancement in the field.

Center caters to design and manufacture of sensors useful for a range of analyte detection including heavy metals, organic pollutants and gas sensing. Nanoelectronic systems and single electron transistors are other areas under investigations, in terms of design and simulation of circuits and optimization of device configurations as well as their reliability testing and analytical modeling. Towards this, we also undertake synthesis and characterization of solid materials that have significant functional behaviors. Eventually we target to address more specific complex scientific and technological issues and come up with clearer conceptual and technology solutions.

Areas & technical know-how:

  • Optical sensors for heavy metal detection in water for lake health monitoring.
  • Amperometric enzymatic sensors for organic pollutant detection in water.
  • Materials for resistance switching, magnetic tunnel junctions and charge storage investigations.
  • Nanomaterial & biomolecular assembly for electronic systems.
  • Development of microfluidic chips for automated optical sensing.
  • Resistive switching & spintronic nanodevices / charge storage structures.
  • Analytical modeling of nanodevices (single electron transistor, CNT FETs).
  • Design and simulation of nanoelectronics circuits/ reliability and stability analysis.

Our target is also to address more complex scientific and technological issues relevant to society and come up with clearer solutions to problems. For this, the focus of the center would be greater understanding of sensing and nanoelectronics systems. Development of high precision and sensitive circuits & devices is a major thrust area, besides targeting for masters and doctoral program for academic excellence. Majority of our current doctoral students are registered with Visveswaraya Technological University, to which CMRIT is affiliated. We also support undergraduate student projects with innovative ideas.

To have effective national and international collaborations with academia, industry, and CSIR & DRDO labs and conduct of periodic scientific workshops and technology / skill training programs are the other objectives of the center. The center is financially supported by funds from the Department of Science and Technology and by CMRIT and is one of the nine CoEs operating from the campus.

Research & Activity Highlights

  • Lakhirupa Devi attended a training on "Mask Designing" for nanoelectronic device fabrication in Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering, IISc, Bangalore in July 2018.
  • Rahul participated in the Hands-on training program on Nanofabrication Technologies under INUP scheme of DeitY, Gov. of India and was selected to carry out his research project at CENSE, IISc, Bengaluru.
  • Paper published in Adv. Mater. Proc. on Comparative Study between NiO Nanocrystal functionalised graphite and Au electrodes as immobilization supports for laccase enzyme in amperometric biosensing for catechol detection.
  • Paper accepted in J. Mater. Sci.: Mater Electron. on "Dielectrical performance of high-k yttrium copper titanate thin films for electronic applications".
  • Paper accepted in Microelectron. Eng. on "RF and microwave dielectric response investigation of high-k yttrium copper titanate ceramic for electronic applications".

Contact Address:

Centro for Excellence in Sensors & Nanoelectronics

CMR Institute of Technology,

132 AECS Layout, IT Park Road,

Kundalahalli, Bangalore 560037

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