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CMIS seeks to continue to uphold the rich Christian heritage upon which it was founded while continuing to welcome those of differing religious backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Within this spirit, CMIS encourages students to learn about God’s love and the Christian faith so they can make their own personal and intelligent response to it. The all school Christmas and Easter assemblies, various prayer meetings, and weekly faith-based clubs are designed with this purpose in mind. Each week, there are several different opportunities for students and the wider CMIS community to be involved in learning more about the Christian faith if they desire.
Therefore, each academic year CMIS will appoint Thai and International staff, from various departments, to be a part the Spiritual Life Committee (SLC) to help organize, facilitate and coordinate Christian related activities with the school's leadership, staff, students and parents.


List of activities facilitated by the Spiritual Life Committee (SLC) for the 2020-21 academic year

We warmly welcome staff and students from any faith or religious background to join us in organizing these activities. Please email us @ lighthouse@cmis.ac.th or contact Rob Johnson (Spiritual Advisor) or Jack Sirisujin (Chaplain) for further information.


All activities may have to be adjusted to follow the guideline concerning the Covid-19 pandemic according to the Ministry of Education.

Ceremonies concerning the Thai royal family.

Worship Services

  • New academic year blessings - A worship service at the before school opens.

  • 1st Church of Chiang Mai visit - We visit the province's first Christian sanctuary in August.

  • Local Church visit - We visit a small slightly remote church in February.

  • Christmas Assembly - All school worship in December.

  • International Day of Prayer - All day prayer room and closing worship in March.

  • Easter Assembly - All school worship in April.

Projects with external organizations

  • Angel Tree Christmas present project - Students and parents donate gifts for children in slums.

Prayer groups

  • Thai staff prayer group - Weekly afternoon prayer meeting.

  • Teacher's prayer group - Weekly before school prayer meeting.

  • PTG prayer group - Weekly before school prayer meeting organize by the Parents and Teacher group.

  • Student's prayer group


  • Christmas decoration - Help us decorate the school for the season.

  • Staff Christmas lunch party - End year feast before break.

  • Staff birthday present - We deliver a small gift for every staff.