CMCSS Libraries Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide an inviting, dynamic learning environment and services that empowers teaching, prompts curiosity, promotes literacy, and enriches our district’s curriculum.

We aspire for our students to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, ethical users of information and enthusiastic readers. 

Contact Information

Media Specialist

Name: Emily Andrews


Phone:(931)920-7422 Ext:2217

Media Assistant

Name:  Francine Rash


Phone: (931)920-7422 Ext: 2217

Library Hours

Monday 9:00-3:25

Tuesday 9:00-3:25

Wednesday  9:00-3:25

Thursday 9:00-3:25

Friday 9:00-3:25

Closed 11:00-1:00 daily 

*hours subject to change due to available staff for supervising open checkout.

Library Policies


1. Grades 2-5 may check-out two books at a time when they attend library class as part of their 8 day "BARNOWL" rotation. These may be exchanged throughout the week if they attend "open" library time. 

2. Grades K-1 may check-out one book at a time when they attend library class.  These may be exchanged throughout the week if they come to "open" library 


3. All students may come to open check-out when Ms. Francine, our library media assistant, is available.  Please be aware that some days she may be out or pulled to sub and open checkout would have to close during that time.

4.  All books are checked out to students for 7 days, though they can be renewed if students need additional time. If we are out of school, they will be due upon the student's next library class day.  


1. If a book has been out longer than 3 months, it will be declared lost.  Students will not be able to check-out another book until the lost book is either returned or paid for.  If a book is paid for, and then found within the same school year in good condition, the money will be refunded to the parent.  Any books damaged by water, coloring, food, extremely ripped pages, dog/animal bites, etc... will be considered damaged beyond repair and a replacement fee will be assessed. Students with fees will not be able to check out library books until the fees are paid. 

2. Please DO NOT attempt to replace a lost book yourself.  The majority of our hardback books are library bound.  This means they are special ordered with more durable covers for multi-use check-outs.  Books bought from Amazon and other discount retailers often do not offer library bound editions and do not come processed for the library.  These books are for home use only, and will not withstand the multiple check-outs that our students will put them through.  Our books are also ordered pre-processed.  This means they come with our library barcodes attached as well as spine labels and library records; this is an additional cost for us but allows us to get books onto the shelves faster for our patrons.  

​***All students have been provided training in the care and maintenance of books, and they should be responsible for keeping them in good condition while in their home.  While we understand that accidents will happen, we must have the funding to replace books that are lost or damaged.  If we did not do this, we would be unable to maintain our library on the funding provided. 

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