Mrs. Long

Boris Elementary, Fifth Grade, Room 22

Thank you for sharing your child with me this year, 2018-2019. Visit this site frequently, as well as our Boris school website, to keep up-to-date with classroom and school-wide activities. Within this site you'll find a page which outlines the weekly focus concept/skill for each academic area. Students are responsible for completing their planner daily so please check it to see what work they need to complete at home. (Homework consists of classwork not completed in the time assigned, any current projects, and studying for upcoming learning checks.)

In addition to checking the classroom and school websites, be sure to visit Parent Connect often. Grades are entered weekly. (If you have forgotten your password, check with our office.)

Email any questions/concerns to Visitors are welcome --- If you wish to come by during the school day, please email me with a date and time, then check in with the office prior to arriving at the classroom.


  • Below you'll find an outline of the subjects and skills we will be covering this year.
  • The "Behavior Plan" page will outline our positive plan to encourage and reward great behavior
  • The "Homework' page will list current concepts of focus. This page will also include several helpful resources.
  • You'll find online resources listed on the "Internet Resources" page.
  • Separate links will take you to our school wide website (which I recommend you visit often) and the Clovis Unified site.

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