Clover Advocates

We help California families navigate the daunting landscape of special needs services.


Our Story

With over a decade of experience raising kids with special needs, we know that receiving a diagnosis entails more than a few extra appointments. It is a profound lifestyle change encompassing various therapies, disconnected providers, vague insurance requirements, and complicated public services.  Without support, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do, much less how to do it. 

We're here to share hope and knowledge with your family!

Our Vision

Equipping Parents For The Journey

We want to parlay our breadth and experience to empower your family with information and a solid plan to start your journey confidently.  We are intimately familiar with the mental, financial, and emotional difficulties of being a special needs parent,
and we are here to be your advocate and coach through the journey ahead!

Just answer 10 quick questions in our intake form and have a conversation with a parent that knows what you're going through and want to help families like yours thrive!

Building Your Community

Introduce you to the special needs parents, caregivers, and communities for the critical support and services your family will need for years to come.

Our Services

Step 1: Consultation

Once we review your intake form and determine that we can support your needs, we will invite you to schedule a 30 minute phone call or virtual meeting to introduce our services and share:

Step 2: Building the Plan

Following our first consultation, we will send you a new client contract for services that may include:

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

Get a personalized plan for services funded by Medi-Cal, Insurance, Regional Center, School District and even Utility Companies that can save you thousands of dollars per year on therapies, social recreational activities, music and sports lessons, utility discounts. And many of them ARE NOT income based. We can save you thousands of dollars even if your income is too high to qualify for public aide!