Smart Schools Project


In his 2014 State of the State Address, Governor Cuomo called for New York State to invest $2 billion in its schools through a Smart Schools Bond Act – an initiative that would finance educational technology and infrastructure, providing students access to the latest technology and connectivity needed to succeed and compete in the global economy. New Yorker’s agreed and voted in the Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) in November 2014.

Clifton-Fine School Smart Schools Project

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Clifton-Fine School is dedicated to the safety of all students and staff. New York State awarded Clifton-Fine School funding through the Smart Schools Bond Act two years ago. The district submitted a plan for security upgrades in July 2016 and has recently received approval for the project. The project work will begin in April and conclude by September.

Security improvements include - new cameras for full coverage inside and outside the school building, updates to the fire alarm system, installation of a new emergency security lock down system, and construction of a secure lobby for student pick up and drop off. This will change where the buses load and unload for the 2018-2019 school year.

Most of the work will be done on the evening shift to minimize disruption of classes. During school breaks and summer vacation, work will resume on the day shift. Most of the constuction during the first few months will be electrical and anything that can be done without cutting into walls and disrupting classrooms.


A contractor and Mr. Perrault going over plans for the Smart Schools Project.


The project has begun!

New wiring being put in for security updates.

More wiring work.


The old carpet has been taken out.

Mrs. Simpson's desk is gone...

...And so is the wall!

The floor is fixed and ready for new carpet.

View from the lobby looking in at the Main Office.


New walls are going up.

Mrs. Simpson's new window area being put in.

View from the lobby of Mrs. Simpson's window.

Framing for the new security doors is in.

New doorway to the main office.


Main Office is complete!

Temporary security doors are in until the correct ones arrive.

Mrs. Simpson's new office space.


The new window in the lobby to sign students in and out.

The new doors are in.

The new security doors are in and look very nice!