College Search

Allows visitors to conduct a quick search and locate information on colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions. Users can see and compare profiles of nearly 7,000 facilities across the nation.

College Board provides an extensive college search link. Search by name of college or have the search engine match a college to your interests and needs.

eCampus Tours offers students the opportunity to view a college campus without ever leaving home. There is no substitute for a campus visit but this is a place to start for some colleges!!

Video tours of major colleges across the country.

"State University of New York" colleges provide a sound education in over 5000 academic programs.

Explore the possibilities from this web link.

Apply to any SUNY school from this quick link.

The Common Application is a form that can be used to apply to many different colleges with one application.

Check out the page to see who accepts this form.