Board of Education

The next regular Board of Education meeting will be held:

October 16, 2017 at 6 p.m. in the

P.A. Miranda Auditorium

Board of Education Members

Jeremy Thompson, President (Term ends 2018)

Judy Benzel (Term Ends 2019)

Robert Lachut (Term Ends 2019)

Christopher E. Cooper, VP (Terms Ends 2019)

Ronald Eibert (Term Ends 2018)

Robert Tebo, III (Term Ends 2019)

To contact the Board of Education, email

The Board of Education is seeking candidates to fill a vacant School Board seat. If you are a district resident interested in public education, the School Board invites you to submit a letter to be considered for appointment to the seven-member board. The deadline is October 4, 2017. The individual appointed to the position will serve until the June 30, 2018. Board members serve without pay. They attend regular evening meetings once a month, as well as special meetings and work sessions. They also are liaisons to various school and community committees. Their duties are diverse, ranging from developing and adopting the annual budget to approving policy. They also have opportunities to interact directly with students, staff, parents and community members by visiting the schools and participating in activities.

Board hopefuls must be:

▪ U.S. citizen

▪ Age 18 or older

▪ Able to read and write

▪ Legal resident of the district for at least one year

A board member cannot be an employee of the district or simultaneously hold another incompatible public office. He or she cannot live in the same household with a family member who is also on the board. Interested candidates should contact Alison Benjamin - District Clerk at 315-848-3333 ext. 190 or by email at

BoE Meeting Minutes

Please refer to the District Calendar on the homepage for Board of Education meeting dates, times and locations.

Contact Alison Benjamin if you would like to be notified when Special BOE meetings are scheduled - or 315-848-3333, Ext. 190.

School Board Policy Updates

Board of Education Goals

To prepare the district's children for productive futures in a global community, the Board of Education adopted the following goals:

  • The Clifton-Fine Central School District shall support academic improvement to ensure students are college and career ready
  • The district shall develop fiscally sound financial plan
  • The district shall communicate effectively with all constituents

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clifton-Fine CSD, hereby established the following as standard work days for elected and appointed officials and will report the following days to the NYS and Local Employees' Retirement Systems based on the record of activities maintained and submitted by these employees to the payroll clerk for the Clifton-Fine CSD.

Certification of the 2017-18 Annual Standard Work Day for NYS Retirement System


District Clerk

Secretary for Superintendent

District Data Coordinator

Std. Work Week

5 D/Wk.

5 D/Wk.

5 D/Wk.

Std. Work Day

8 H/D

8 H/D

8 H/D

Days per Year

ERS 12 mo. — 260 DPY

ERS 12 mo. — 260 DPY

ERS 10 mo. + 20 days 200 DPY

Clifton-Fine students will have the skills and confidence necessary to compete in a global society.