Cliffside Park High School

Please call 201-313-2370 to schedule all appointments

  • Download the May calendar here.

  • Remote students log in remotely each day.

  • Students in the A & B cohorts, refer to the calendar for in-person instruction.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Letter.pdf

Remote Learning Guidelines for Students

  • Attempt to find a quiet place in your home that is free of distractions. Try to avoid laying on your bed or couch. Have enough space for necessary items: Chromebook, textbook, notebook, etc.

  • Your phone should not be used as the main device for online meetings. Your phone should be turned off and not present during meetings.

  • Family members, including parents, guardians, and siblings are not part of your online meetings.

  • Be on time to all of your virtual classes. If your previous teacher is keeping you into your next period class, politely tell them (verbally or in the chat) that you need to leave for your next class.

  • Do not record meetings or take pictures of peers or classmates. All students must follow technology guidelines at all times.

  • Give your best effort in online meetings as you would in class. Participation is expected by all students, your grade may be impacted by not participating in remote meetings.

  • Teacher work day is 8:00-3:10. Please respect their time away from work. Email responses will be provided in a timely fashion.

Mr. Lawrence C. Pinto


Mr. Schmitt

Vice Principal

Mr. Lombardo

Vice Principal

Cliffside Park High School Anti Bullying Coordinator - Mr. Kenneth Russo