We strive to create a culture of HOPE for our students. A HOPE that comes from confidence in their ability to dream for a successful future and a healthy life. Our Tiger Staff Family is committed to fostering this HOPE by expanding educational opportunities, by a relentless pursuit of high quality instruction, and by serving the needs of the WHOLE student.

Our school district faces funding challenges from local, state, and federal sources, leading to insufficient maintenance and updates for our facilities. To address this, we are discussing the proposal of a bond issue to provide the necessary funding for facility upgrades. As we have seen throughout our history, a bond issue is crucial to invest in the future of our students and ensure they have access to high-quality educational environments

The school district, in collaboration with various organizations, has conducted a comprehensive needs assessment. You, the community can review a summary of these findings as the district plans for future improvements and considers funding options. The identified priorities will be further refined with input from staff, students, and our community with a focus on determining which needs can be met through local funds and which may require a bond issue in 2025.

Here you can view the full reports of needs assessments done by our staff and outside entities. While some of the reports may be cumbersome, please take time to get to know our campus a bit better. You will find a student capacity analysis, enrollment forecasts, facility assessments, and security feedback.  We are blessed with a beautiful campus, thanks in large part to you, our community. So how did we compile such a long list of needs? As with many structures, the external appearance might not reflect underlying issues.

Take a look at our district boundary map (linked here) to know if you live in our school district boundary. Which would make you a voting participant for any type of bond issue or school board election.