Cleveland ISD

Assessment & Accountability

To view detailed student STAAR results for your child, please see the instructions in the flyer below.

Mission Statement

The Assessment & Accountability department of Cleveland ISD is committed to promoting academic growth and scholarship for every student. The Assessment team seeks to serve the needs of students and staff while providing a greater understanding of the program. Campus and district leaders work together to evaluate data gathered so that they may implement targeted instruction that reaches and raises up all Cleveland ISD students.

About Our Department

The Cleveland ISD Department of Assessment & Accountability's primary responsibility is the coordinating and delivery of successful administrations of local and state assessments. We support campus and district personnel by providing training and information regarding testing and accountability policy and procedures and ensure that state regulations are followed for the security and confidentiality of all state tests. This department, in collaboration with other departments, works to provide data and results that accurately reflect the progress of our scholars and endorses best practices so that all students may reach their goals regarding graduation and college & career preparation.

More information about the Texas Assessment program for families, educators, and administrators can be found at: