Energy Efficiency


I have invented the new generation of intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly portable gas patio heaters which is powered by waste heat and will revolutionize the outdoor heating industry. Waste management is a key in Armita-X technology. Armita-X technology absorbs the wasted heat and converts it into electricity which in turn is stored into the batteries to operate the central processing system, wireless communications and Fans. The fans would reuse the excess heat and direct it into another two heat outlets while filtering the polluting gases with built-in catalysts.

Armita-X app enables businesses to control, monitor and network multiple units and save labor and time. Also built in proximity sensors turn the unit(s) ON/OFFin a smart way, which leads to save gas and money.

Empow Lighting

LED Lighting Film for Low-Cost Retrofits of Fluorescent Lights: The goal of this project is to design and create a prototype for thin and flexible LED lighting sheets that can snap into existing fluorescent light fixtures. This technology solution is cheaper and more efficient than competing LED retrofit technologies such as TLEDs (tubular LEDs). Retrofitting linear light fixtures that still use fluorescent tubes with the proposed LED-based technology will result in more than a 50% energy savings.

ZYD Energy

We develop efficiency and thermal energy storage solutions for buildings.