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This page provides local information on examinations in Texas. Read more information about ABRSM as a global organization

ABRSM is the largest and most globally diverse examining body, with a long-standing tradition of excellence for over 128 years. ABRSM hosts nearly 660,000 exams each year in more than 93 countries around the world. The comprehensive and rigorous curricula allow students to have a well-rounded understanding of music, which can both satisfy the hobbyist and inspire budding musicians.

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ABRSM's most popular exams are offered either In-Person or Online

Graded exams focusing on 4 crucial areas on your instrument: scales/technique, sight-reading, aural, and repertoire
Repertoire-driven exams focused on the performer's strength within a 4-piece program all done via remote video submission
Graded written exams testing knowledge of notation, composition, terminology, and theory

Grades 1-5 are offered ONLINE

Grades 6-8 are offered IN-PERSON

In-Person ABRSM exams are currently offered in 3 cities across Texas


Concordia University

11400 Concordia University Dr.

Austin, TX 78726


Lord of Life Lutheran Church

3601 W 15th Street

Plano, TX 75075


Campbell Learning Center

1440 Campbell Road

Houston, TX 77055

In-Person ABRSM exams are offered 2 times a year


PRACTICAL (All Grades)

THEORY (Grades 6-8)

PRACTICAL exams offered between May-June

THEORY exams available in March

Refer to the Dates & Fees page for deadlines to enroll


PRACTICAL (All Grades)

THEORY (Grades 6-8)

PRACTICAL exams offered between Nov-Dec

THEORY exams available in November

Refer to the Dates & Fees page for deadlines to enroll

Digital (Online) ABRSM exams are offered year-round

Monthly offerings

Results within 10 business days

See ABRSM website for most up-to-date schedules

Online registration is easily done via the online portal. Any adult over 18 is welcome to create an account and pay for an exam booking. Visit HERE to get started!

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