Clayton County Public Schools' choice programs are designed to attract all Clayton County students. Students entering pre-kindergarten through grade 12 have the opportunity to choose from an array of choice theme-based curricula offerings at all levels. Choice programs offer the opportunity for students to discover their talents and explore their interests while focusing on academic rigor. These programs provide students with a pathway to post-secondary education and career. Magnet programs have a criteria or enrollment process while other school choice options are open to all students.

Clayton County Public Schools is a district member of Magnet Schools of America. There are two key components of magnet schools that Clayton County Public Schools is proud to adopt: 1) theme-based curriculum and instruction and 2) school diversity. We take pride in our programs and we continue to promote racial and socioeconomic diversity, offering specialized programs that attract students from different neighborhoods and backgrounds.

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. Clayton County families have access to an array of PreK-12 options. This guide gives you the types of schools and the requirements for each.

Please visit the School Choice Calendar for the latest events and due dates.


School Choice magnet program students receive transportation to the designated school if they reside more than one and one-half (1-1/2) miles from the school and live within a designated Choice school transportation zone. Students that live outside of the magnet school transportation zone may attend the magnet school if they provide their own transportation to and from school or go to the nearest designated shuttle bus stop pick-up locations for the School Choice program. Available shuttle bus stops are listed online. Transfer students (special permission) must provide their own transportation.


For questions regarding specific school choice programs, go the the respective program's webpage to find the coordinator's contact information.

For general questions (i.e. application portal, application process, etc.) contact the School Choice or Magnet Programs offices at or The offices can also be reached at 770.473.2875.