School Psychology Services

Helping children and adolescents thrive #ItsWhatWeDo

Who WE Are

The Department of Student Behavioral Health and Wellbeing is comprised of a high functioning team of multi-faceted school psychologists focused on creating access to equitable supports and services that benefit the overall health and wellbeing of children.

Clayton County Public Schools school psychologists work within the school setting to promote the psychological, cognitive, social and behavioral health needs of all students. Our school psychologists provide a continuum of services to support students that include:

  • consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators;

  • creating prevention and intervention strategies to address group or individual student needs within the classroom;

  • developing programs to train school personnel on learning strategies and student behavioral health and wellbeing;

  • conducting comprehensive psychoeducational assessments to explore students' strengths and areas of need;

  • implementing evidence-based techniques to foster social skills, address mental health concerns, and enhance self-regulation skills; and

  • collaborating with all stakeholders and community groups to promote healthy development in youth and ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.

Student Focused. Goal Driven. Collaborative. Committed to Action and Outcomes.

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