Learning Journals

Remember to share your learning on your individual learning journal each week. Here are some suggestions of what can be included.


  • Fill in the basics table make sure you include your results, photos or any other evidence to show that you have completed this.

  • Photos of your learning on each page: Literacy, Maths, Inquiry.

  • A reflection on your Literacy, Math and Inquiry pages that address the following:

    • This week I have been working on...

    • I have learnt that...

    • My next steps are...

Slides ideas for the week...


- Read Works results

Math - Work that was assigned to your group. (Only put up what you completed in week 9, mark! You can completed the rest in week 10.)

Inquiry - Write a reflection about Wednesday, Maori Language week :)

Our Mission:

In Matawara we believe we are part of a rapidly changing world, where resources are not limitless and our actions have an impact.

Through the Leadership opportunities that are provided, we have a responsibility to care deeply and respect ourselves and others, our learning, our planet and humanity.

Being a Learner in Matawara

Welcome to Term 4!

Here's some key Information...

***Term 4 Sign In Sheet - you must sign in BEFORE 9am each morning***

***Term 4 Wet Day Monitors List - These jobs stand for ALL Term 2***

***Term 4 Tech Bus Seating Plan - This will remain in place until otherwise told***

***Sausage Sizzle Helpers List - for Year 8's with this responsibility***

Teacher emails: k.morrison@clarkville.school.nz & m.happl@clarkville.school.nz

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