Academic English 6

English 6 Course Objectives:

Oral Expression - Through classroom discussions and personal reflection students will increase their oral speaking and evaluative skills. Discussions will focus on literature, as well as evaluations of writing.

Reading/ Literature – Students will read, listen to, and analyze selections of various genres throughout the year in an effort to reinforce English and writing strategies/skills. Nonfiction selections will often be paired with related fiction selections. Student reading material will be as close to their instructional level as possible. Discussions and lessons will often teach and/or reinforce the 6th grade Reading SOLs. Students will read in a variety of manners (instructional, read alouds, and independent reading) in order to analyze informational and fictional text including poetry.

Independent Reading – Students will be expected to read independently on a daily basis. Students may be asked to provide evidence that they have indeed read independently through various classroom assignments. Sixth grade students are expected to read independently for 25 minutes each day.

Grammar and Usage – Instruction will focus on identifying the most common parts of speech and on correcting various common errors found in student writing. These concepts will be an important part of the 8th grade Writing SOL test. It is closer than you think!

Written Expression - Instruction will center around defining and building an understanding of the traits of good writing. As students progress to a deeper understanding of the traits, we will use them to diagnosis and improve the written work of others, as well as their own writing. Writings will include short focused pieces, as well as longer, more formal selections. Personal narratives, analytical, argumentative, and research writings will be the primary focus. Writing will be graded using John Collins’ Focused Correction Areas. Simply put, the area of instruction will be graded opposed to the entire written product, unless otherwise indicated. Students will be aware of the FCA prior to writing an assignment.

Word Study/Vocabulary - Vocabulary instruction will center on multiple meaning words, the use of context clues, and the structural analysis of unfamiliar words. Students will use the meanings of common prefixes, suffixes, and root words to understand many unfamiliar words.

SOL Reading Test Preparation - Benchmark testing, the Virginia Department of Education website, class discussions, and various teacher created materials will be used to instruct and reinforce strategies, techniques, and essential knowledge tested in the 6th grade Reading SOLs. The purpose of these is to familiarize students with the type of questions and scope of the spring test as well as to improve student achievement in general.

6th English Units of Study:

  • Adapting to New Situations (What molds me and makes me?)
  • Heroes, Sheroes and Zeros (Believe It or Not)
  • Disasters…..The land of awwwws (Fire and Ice).
  • Courage and Conflict (That’s Revolting!)
Eng 6 syllabus 2018-2109