Honors English 6

Honors 6th English Course Objective:

Honors English 6 is designed for the student who is seeking academic rigor and an enriched academic experience. The intention of the course is to expose the student to an accelerated curriculum that offers enriched learning opportunities in reading, writing and oral communication. All of the units integrate skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing put forth by VA Department of Education. The goal of Honors English 6 is to provide a consistent curriculum that extends beyond the Sixth Grade Standards of Learning by encouraging the student to think critically, make connection across time and contents,self assess, reflect on his/her own learning process. Materials in an honors class are often covered more in depth and tend to be more challenging and complex. Honors courses also tend to move at a faster pace than a regular English 6 course.

Honors 6th English Units of Study:

  • Adapting to New Situations (What molds me and makes me?)
  • Disasters…..The land of awwwws (Fire and Ice).
  • Heroes, Sheroes and Zeros (Believe It or Not)
  • Courage and Conflict (That’s Revolting!)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare (Midsummer Night’s Dream)