Birthday Book Club (BBC)


Christ the King Catholic School began our “Birthday Book Club” (BBC) in 2003. The goal of the BBC is to help you honor your children on their birthdays and is a way for us to add great books to our library collection. Anyone can participate in this program: parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 

How does the BBC work? 

It’s simple! Follow these instructions to access the store from the links below:

Preschool- 5th Grade

Middle School

What about summer birthdays? 

We can help your child celebrate his/her “half birthday” too! For example: a student with a July 15th birthday will receive his/her Birthday Book the week of January 15th.   We can even celebrate “belated birthdays” too! (Please note that if your child’s birthday falls after May 5th we will celebrate their “half birthday” to ensure that they have plenty of time to read their birthday book before the end of the school year.) Keep in mind that books can also be donated to honor family members.

When to order:

The online BBC store is open all year but books must be purchased two months before the intended birthday/half birthday to ensure that they arrive on time. Books are mailed to the school during the first week of each month. If you have any questions or if online purchasing sounds intimidating, please reach out or email  

Thank you for your continued support of the Christ the King Catholic School Library!