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Our City has been thriving since its incorporation in 1948.  Through the years, the quiet streets lined with mature trees have created an idyllic place to call home.  The neighborhood consists of 199 homes and approximately 425 residents.  We are located in eastern Jefferson County and are surrounded by the larger City of St. Matthews.

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The City of Richlawn was incorporated in 1948 and is two years older than St. Matthews. One of the more prominent builders and realtors at that time, Emery Kinkead, designed and planned the small city. Local information has it that when the homes in the first block of Don Allen were built in the early 1940’s that they were architect designed as opposed to builder designed. They composed what we would know today as the Homearama display. Then, as now, the Richlawn homes were highly desirable both in design and appointment.


Just a minute away from the hustle and bustle of Shelbyville Road, Richlawn still finds a way to nestle quietly back and really be “away” from the noise and traffic. This is particularly evident in the spring and summer when the many stately trees form a natural noise barrier from the outside. 

Our boundaries are the railroad tracks on the north side, the center of Shelbyville Road on the south, far enough across Hubbards Lane to take in all the homes on the east side of Hubbards Lane, and ending on the west with the property line behind the homes on Gibson Road. The ten foot utility easement behind the homes on Gibson Road is within the City of Richlawn.