City Services

Emergency Services

In case of life-threatening emergency or to report a crime IN PROGRESS, call 911. The Louisville Metro Police Department is the agency for law enforcement in Richlawn. (St Matthews Police in not the local agency.)

To report a crime AFTER it has happened, call Louisville Metro Police at 502-574-7111, and contact Louisville Metro Police Sergeant Tulio Tourinho at . Sergeant Tourinho is the owner of the security company that provides additional security patrols in Richlawn.

If you will be out of town for an extended period, contact Sergeant Tulio Tourinho at with your address and dates you will be gone.

Richlawn is in the fire protection district of the Saint Matthews Fire Department. 502-893-7825

City of Richlawn Services

Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste

Included in the property tax is weekly curbside collection of solid waste and every other week for recyclables. Yard waste removal is included approximately 10 months per year. Each residence is provided with two large containers on wheels: one for trash/solid waste and one for recyclables. All trash, recyclables, and yard waste should be placed at the curb for pick up. Please position both receptacles no closer than 4 FT to each other, and so that the receptacle lid opens toward the street. Collection services are on Monday. Recyclable items are collected every other week. PLEASE do not place items at the curb until the evening prior to the scheduled pickup. Solid waste is all material other than yard waste or recyclable items. When Monday is a major holiday, collection will be on Tuesday.

For questions about waste pickup and for special backdoor pickup for elderly or disabled residents contact:

Dianne DeVore at


The City of Richlawn contracts Anytime Waste Systems for waste pick up.



  • Placed in City-provided Anytime container with Black Lid

  • Residents may also use personal trash cans if the Anytime contain is full.

  • Garbage is picked up every Monday

  • If the Monday falls on a major holiday, pick up will be on Tuesday

  • To arrange bulky item pickups or for missed pickups, please contact Anytime Waste Systems at (502) 915-7116 or


  • Placed in City-provided Anytime container with Yellow Lid

  • Recycling is picked up every other week on Monday

Recyclable items accepted in the program include:

  • Aluminum cans

  • Aluminum foil & foil food containers

  • Tin & bi-metal cans

  • Aerosol cans

  • All plastic bottles (no lids or caps)

  • Cardboard gift & cereal boxes

  • Telephone books

  • Office & computer paper

  • Paperboard & beverage carrying cases

  • Brown paper grocery bags

  • Newsprint (including slicks)

  • Magazines/catalogs

  • Corrugated cardboard (2’x2’ bundles can be placed on the curb)

If an item is NOT on the list, consider it to be non-recyclable under our program.

Yard Waste

  • Placed in resident-provided trash can, paper yard waste bag, or bundles tied with twine

  • All herbaceous material (leaves, grass clippings, branches, shrubbery, etc.) is considered yard waste

  • Collection runs from March to January on Monday (See City of Richlawn notices for exact dates)

  • may NOT be placed in plastic bags

  • Limbs and branches less than 4 inches in diameter and no more than 4 feet in length must be either in a can, a sturdy bag, or bundled with twine

  • Loose branches and limbs larger than 4 inches in diameter and no more than 4 feet in length may be stacked on the curb

Cassidy Canopy Tree Program

Cassidy Canopy Tree Program details

Richlawn Beautification Reimbursement Form – pdf

Richlawn Beautification Reimbursement Form – excel

Richlawn Construction Review Application

Construction Review Form – pdf

Construction Review Form – excel

Other Service Providers

Louisville Gas & Electric


Louisville Water Company


Metropolitan Sewer District


Jefferson County Public Schools