Building the pipeline of leaders committed to making sure all children grow up in safe, healthy and hopeful communities, while reducing the homicide and 

shooting rates of Black men and boys.


Ending the gun violence epidemic among young Black men and boys

Cities United is working with mayors, leaders, and young people nationwide to reduce homicides and shootings among young Black men and boys by 50%, and build safe, healthy, and hopeful communities.


Key to the Cities United Network 

are the young people that 

fuel the movement.

Young people are a critical component of Cities United's mission to eliminate the violence that disproportionately impacts Black men and boys in America and as Marissa Pittman YLF '23 says, "the power of young people is unmatched." 

So, how can young people get started with Cities United?

Young people are crucial to the success of Cities United, and their involvement is vital to achieving our shared goal of creating safe, healthy, and hopeful communities for all.