If you're visiting this page, you're either new to CIS or you need a refresher on how to access our systems (after all, who doesn't need help sometimes!). We explain how to setup your CIS credentials on this page, and we have instructions for major CIS systems on separate pages.

We'll be adding to this site progressively over the course of the school year.

Help is always available.

If at anytime you need help, please visit the IT support office on each campus, or email it.inquiries@cis.edu.sg for online assistance.

Ok, time to learn.

Your CIS credentials are part of CIS's Google domain. You will be using them to access CIS systems, so it's important you remember them. Your credentials provide you with:

  1. Easy access to google documents and folders that have restricted access
  2. The ability to access most CIS systems using the ‘sign-in with Google’ option
  3. A ‘Gmail’ email account. It is not compulsory for you to use this email account as all emails will be auto forwarded to the personal email we have on record for you.
  4. A tool for parent to parent communication via Hangouts Chat.

If you're new, you'll receive an email.

If you're new to CIS, we'll be sending an email with your username and security code (see the example below) - please note you won't be sent a password. You will need to set one up on this site.

Username: eg 12345@cis.edu.sg

Security code: eg 11111

Now, let's set up your password.

Step 1

Visit this page:http://cisreset.cis.edu.sg:8888/accounts/Reset

Step 2

Enter your username (eg 12345@cis.edu.sg) then click "Continue".

Step 3

Key-in your security code (remember it came in your email), complete the captcha field and click Continue.

Step 4

Key-in a password of your choice and then click "Reset Password"


Write your security code down as you'll need it to change passwords. You might want to consider keeping it on the fridge.