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Women in Music month


Women's History Month in Music
Women in Music: Rule Breakers and Troublemakers
Women Composers Who Run the World
Black History through Music
Black History Month Month Music Legends Biographies.

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Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Meet Michael Franti

Meet Yo-Yo Ma

Join the Calgary Philharmonic and Associate Conductor Karl Hirzer for a fun and educational tour of the Orchestra! This online series takes kids on a musical journey through the sections that make up a symphony orchestra. Along the way, they'll encounter different instruments and some of the musicians who play them, as well as take a few side trips to discover interesting facts about music and famous composers. This is a series of four 15-minute episodes.

yt1s.com - Line Rider Beethovens 5th Symphony.mp4

Beethoven's 5th symphony

Brass instruments and
String Instruments and BEYOND
Wind instruments and
Percussion instruments and

Everything about Instruments

Want to Learn an instrument- or Make an Instrument?

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Hispanic Heritage Celebration