Here I have started to curate some art that inspires me...enjoy!

Updated 4/24/20


I'm continually drawn to Scorpio, and Tamino embodies Scorpio energy to me. In deep dark water but not out of depth, emotional, embracing feminine, authentic.


A Brazilian artist I met on the Venice Boardwalk years ago, who inspired me with the story and painting of Isadora Duncan, and I bought the print.


This is one of my favorite art galleries in the world, in Queens, NY. I feel uber-inspired every time I go.

Judy Kepes

An accomplished artist with an endless stream of creativity, from ceramics to photography to fine art in takeout containers.


Another super-Scorpio artist who is endlessly creative.

C-Love Lambert

Cassandra "C-Love" Lambert developed her own unique way of sparkling people up for events. Her hustle, positivity, healing journey and creativity are inspiring!

James Griffith

Uses tar from the La Brea Tar Pits to paint with!


Food as art! Would love to visit this Chicago food experience someday.

Annu Yadav

Thought-provoking and unique art.

Ra Avis

Poet & blogger Ra Avis's words paint beautiful pictures.