Election Therapy Art (2020)

I have a strong distaste for propaganda.

My husband called these pieces "disturbing."

This was during a bad fire season in California. I used flames to scorch some of the elements in these pieces.

Party like it's 2020


Liar, Liar

End of my rope



Closeup: Liar, Liar


"Frame of Mind" (2020)

Digital art

With this piece, I tried to capture something that I dreamed that seemed important. I had been really focused on my social media posts and engaging people to support #achanceforAmina and #hikeforHER. So this image is composed of all my Instagram posts for my cause, but with the centers empty, thrown up into the air, and landing together without falling.

During my lucid dream, I tried to understand what this image meant. I finally realized that I had been tossing out ideas for how my fundraising should work by sharing info with others on social media. However, when I engaged directly with people and they were able to respond to my ideas, they tended to poke a big hole in what I thought we needed to do, and always contributed something even better!

For example, not everyone was in a position to donate, and some felt very moved to donate. Some could spread the word on social media, they could lend me their modeling images, they could lend me their poetry or words to advance our cause.

This endeavor is teaching me about how to best utilize the talents of my friends and family toward a mission. And I'm really bad at it! But I'm learning.

"Be brave enough to suck at something new."

Idaho Holiday Doodle Series (2019)

I brought a set of watercolors to my parent's home in Idaho and enjoyed doodling some images after our Christmas celebrations with family and in-laws. So these doodles mostly turned out festive and playful, with different shapes and colors interacting with each other. There are some references to nature or country roads, as we were surrounded by forests way up in the mountains.

"Untitled" (2019)

Watercolor on watercolor paper

Donated to UUCLB Winter Auction

Original SOLD / Prints unavailable

"Idaho" (2019)

Watercolor on watercolor paper

"Mark this Spot" (2019)

Watercolor on watercolor paper

"Trees" (2019)

Watercolor on watercolor paper

"Holidays" (2019)

Watercolor on watercolor paper

Mixed Media (2019)

"I Will Build Myself Again"

Mixed Media on Canvas

“I will build myself again” is a mixed media expression of the emotional impulses behind a self-reinvention after being laid off. In the upper left corner is a sheet of paper found behind the Anaheim Convention Center, stamped by the wheels of a delivery vehicle to a large convention where I worked security several years ago. On the right in bright pink is packaging for a promotional pen from my last job. The dark streak down the center represents emotional pain. Near the beginning of being laid off, an artist friend died, and then my husband's uncle passed away unexpectedly. The metallic gold spray paint, the first layer of the piece, represents ambition and buoyant optimism. The pink represents my passion. The word "family" is seen through a traditional stencil. The beautiful blue color at the bottom is a result of experimentation. Several small multi-colored bricks were painted in oil first at the bottom of the page, then I decided to smear over them with white acrylic and it turned into the most beautiful grey blue of a cold winter ocean. There are vines, like sea kelp, arising from the floor of the painting where the bricks once stood, with emojis and words of encouragement. I learned to scuba dive right after I was laid off. Among the ambition, optimism, pain, and desire for family, in a sea of chaos, I resolve to build myself again.

Travel Doodle Series (2019)

Sometimes on flights I like to use my phone to be creative. I'll take photographs out the tiny, scratched windows, or open an app and doodle. My travel doodles tend to be full of motion and excitement.


Digital - Drawing Pad App


Digital - Drawing Pad App


Digital - Drawing Pad App


Digital - Drawing Pad App

Travel Graffiti Series (2017)

I completed 16 doodles in one flight from LAX to Denver, and each set of 4 doodles I limited myself to the same colors. I then combined the doodles in another app for a cool graffiti effect. I love the motion and energy/excitement of my travel art!

"Winter Tag"

Digital - Drawing Pad App & Instagram Layout App

"Spring Tag"

Digital - Drawing Pad App & Instagram Layout App

"Summer Tag"

Digital - Drawing Pad App & Instagram Layout App

"Fall Tag"

Digital - Drawing Pad App & Instagram Layout App

Beach Trash Art Challenge Series (2016)

Created for the "Sea Change, See Change" beach trash challenge for the Long Beach Green Prize festival with Squeeze Art Collective. RIP Katie.

"Ocean Ceiling"

Mixed media on backing board

"Ahimsa Card"

Mixed media on backing board

"Polar Bear"

Mixed media on canvas

"Wish You Were Here"

Mixed media on found wood

Therapy Art (2014-2016)

Sometimes I make art when I'm feeling like expressing something but not sure what. I find that art forces you to decide things. When I make art about school shootings, for example, I have to decide how I feel about them, and what to include.

"School Shooting" (2014)

Mixed media on backing board

Exhibited at pop-up gallery in Long Beach in 2015. Skull sticker by artist Robbie Conal. Lyrics by Foster the People, “Pumped Up Kicks.”

"Trump Election" (2016)

Mixed media on canvas

Gaudy gold piece on top of tattered flag woven with LA Riots news article from the New York Times, topped by old-timey beauty pagentry game card. I imagine I was trying to synthesize history and order and America's fading glory and my (new) place in LA with Trump's weird opulence and outdatedness.

"LOVE" (2015)

Mixed media on paper

Black jeweled hand is a custom sticker by artist Lisa Veneziano.

Original Gifted to Jessica Loewen

"Family Car Decal" (2015)

Marker on cardstock (shown here digitized)

"Oilfield Sunrise" (2015)

Watercolor and pen on paper

"Inspire Yourself" (2015)

Mixed media on paper

Made with beach sand from the Venice boardwalk, the first time I set up a table there with my art.

Stop & Relax Series (2015)

These were created on Venice Beach Boardwalk, referencing some personal habits I was noticing about myself and my first live-in boyfriend!

"Stop Biting Your Lip" (2015)

Marker & Watercolor on sketch paper

"Stop Pulling Your Hair" (2015)

Marker & Watercolor on sketch paper

Synesthesia Series (2015)

I tend to get very strong, motion-picture-like visual images along with physical sensation, when I close my eyes. These are primal attempts to capture the essence of some of those images!

"Big Red Eye"

Watercolor and pencil on paper


Watercolor and marker on paper

"Rainbow Hair"

Watercolor and marker on paper

Original SOLD


Watercolor and salt on paper

Fruit Stamp Experiments (2015)

Every painter goes through a fruit painting stage, I suppose? I used the fruit or vegetable as a "paintbrush" and "stamp" for a unique effect.

"Orange Kisses"

"Strawberry Kisses"

"Apple Kisses"

"Cucumber Kisses"

Mixed Media Doodles (2015)

"Fantasy Flowers" (2015)

Watercolor on paper

"Wine Doodle" (2015)

Wine, pen, and acrylic on canvas

Red Glitter Series (2015)

"Who Seeks Peace?" (2015)

Mixed media and glitter on cardboard

"Yes! Ruby Slippers" (2015)

Mixed media and glitter on backing board

Donated to Goodwill

"E Pluribus" (2015)

Glitter on found canvas

Palm Art (2015)

"Face Palm" (2015)

Latex paint on found palm

"Credit Fairy" (2015)

Mixed media on found palm

"Credit Tribal" (2015)

Mixed media on found palm

Mixed Media Creative Reuse Mod Podge Experiments (2012-2016)

I bought a tub of Mod Podge at a thrift store and I looked for ways to use it in my creations. I like the shiny appearance and texture it can impart. It was especially fun using it over charcoal/pencil. I'm probably also drawn to its smell.

"JoB" (2016)

Mixed media on repurposed canvas

"Thank you very much for your job application. Mr. Jones would like to meet you personally and interview you for placement with our company," says a vintage board game piece from a 50s card game. A figure sits with head in hands, frustrated, that she has to "get a real job," after years of soul-searching and starting over. What started as painting from a thrift store depicting a distracted/bored mother feeding a baby, was covered in white interior paint. All I've ever known I've wanted to be is a mother, so this painting angered me that she wasn't appreciating her duty. I then painted a few simple flowers on the canvas in bold colors. They were beautiful and it could have been complete. However, "Too simple!" I declared, and painted over them. And then again, and again, and again. I began to write the mantra, "More me than me," a phrase I heard Ninja of South African rap group Die Antwoord say on a documentary. He said that he felt like the persona "Ninja" that he created was "more me than me" when he tried him on. So I felt that perhaps I too needed a larger-than-life persona. But it turns out I more urgently needed money & a job, to my utter frustration.

"Blank Check" (2015)

Mixed media on backing board

More graphite & Mod Podge experimentation, and an actual blank check that I had in my possession. Dreams/abundance just out of reach behind a fence.

"Crestmoor, San Bruno" (2015)

Mixed media on repurposed canvas

A wolf looks on menacingly as a turtle slowly moves forward after a disaster. A faded American flag represents the ideals that the turtle moves toward, however wary of corruption and danger, represented by the wolf. The shape of the Crestmoor neighborhood in San Bruno is pictured in the background, shimmering in graphite. The flames on the turtle's shell represent the PG&E gas pipeline explosion that decimated 38 homes in this neighborhood, damaged over 70 homes, and killed 8 people and numerous pets. Animal tchotchkes lining a Crestmoor home's perimeter are pictured in photographs between the flames on the turtle's shell, my first hint at the catastrophe that rocked this neighborhood in 2010. The turtle's skin is made from photos of patchy concrete and asphalt, resembling scars while the neighborhood heals. The wolf's fur is made from a newspaper clipping about the dangerous collusion between government & industry. The canvas is repurposed art found in a thrift shop in Burlingame, CA. Its colors and strokes resemble the lush colors of the canyon and hillsides that the Crestmoor neighborhood is located in.

"Credit Catastrophe" (2012)

Mixed media on found antique painting

A collage of teaser credit cards I received in the mail and collected after my bankruptcy was formed into the lower United States, and hangs ominously over a traditional Chinese couple, representing world powers. I had taken a foreign currency trading bootcamp in which I learned things like how after the U.S./global recession of 2008, China rerouted more of its shipping exports toward Europe. The painting is an antique, scavenged from a trash pile outside a hoarder's home in San Francisco after the home caught fire, destroying lots of antiques and killing the inhabitants. The damage to the painting and the frame hint at catastrophes of other sorts, possible water or fire damage, alluding to climate change...yet another catastrophe on the horizon.

Sketches (2014)

"Fea Sue" (2014)

Pen on sketch paper

The first and only time I got a chance to draw her live portrait, in 2014, before she suddenly died in October. My best friend for 10 years. Grateful.

Boat Party (2013)

I brought my paint set, brushes, and a bunch of random papers to a boat party in Clipper Cove, off Treasure Island in San Francisco. I offered anyone could paint with me as my gift to the party! Here are the primal paintings I created and kept, probably under the influence of the gently rocking boat, alcohol, techno music, darkness and motion of the bay, and the glimmering lights of other bodies in and around the bay, moonlight, and birds flying overhead. Some of the shapes started to take the look of language characters.

"Place" & "Night Impressions"

Oil & watercolor on watercolor paper

"Sea Birds" & "Characters"

Oil & watercolor on paper

Graphic Thoughts (various)

For when I've wanted to express something quickly.

"Need to Dissipate"

Digital art

"Now Featuring..."

Digital collage of images found online

"Hard Knock / Knock Hard"

Original Photography

Model: Kyle Hammerquist

"Easter Ovaries"

Digital collage of images found online

"Monogamy Does Not Cure Jealousy"

Words added to image found online

"Bacteria Contemplates Going Vegan"

Digital collage of images found online


Original Digital Art

School Projects (various)

The creations below were my choices to create art rather than write a typical essay for school assignments.

"Culture" (2003)

Mixed media on posterboard

"Imagination" (2003)

Marker & pencil on posterboard

"The Human Mind" (1999)

Mixed media on paper & construction paper

"After the Boston Tea Party" (1997)

Mixed media on posterboard

A high school history project. I only have a picture of this now – it was trashed after I didn’t want to keep moving it place to place.