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June 2, 2021

Primary 3/3/21

March 3, 2021

Primary Classroom News

Ms. Stacy

Ms. Stefanie

Primary-April Newsletter

Thank you for helping us celebrate Reading Month in March. We had many wonderful books donated for our classroom. The students were excited each time we shared what would be newly added to their shelves.

In April, we are wrapping up a month of celebrating Poetry. My hope is that the children have found something about it that they enjoy whether it be hearing it, reciting it, writing it, or sharing it with others. As the month finishes and we are online in Zoom, please remember to check the online Quarantine Page-Primary that is accessed from the LSA homepage link for online classroom. I post daily and offer activities that I think the children can enjoy. I would also like the children to continue on Prodigy at home if possible and to get on

May will bring excitement about learning about life cycles of chickens and butterflies. Within this topic, I will continue teaching about how to ask and write a question and writing a short report. And, we will be reading fables to better understand how literature can teach us life lessons. We will have our final NWEA testing upon return to school.

Until we meet again,

Ms. Stacy and Ms. Stefanie

Early Elementary News



We ended the week with great weather and some extra outdoor time, which was wonderful. I have been very impressed with the amount of reading the students have been completing not only during Reading Month, but all year. I love how excited they get to read and share about new books, as well as their favorites.

We will be starting a new experiment with our beetles - trying to see if they can navigate a maze. Students will be bringing their "grass people" home over Spring Break.

After break, we'll be working on researching and creating informational books about plants and animals.

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the sunshine.


Ms. Heather