Mrs. Schneider's second grade

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18-19 Schneider Schedule

Garden Discoveries

The first time we visited the school garden, some students noticed a monarch caterpillar. It was not on a milkweed plant, and it was hanging. We came back today to check and it was still not making a chrysalis, but it was not on milkweed. That means it may be looking for a place to hang!

Here is a link to some more cool information about monarchs!

the search is on!

The students searched for more caterpillars.

Update: I checked for our caterpillar this week. It seems that he is MIA. Hopefully he found a place to make a chrysalis!

Our class terrarium

Together we planted over 20 baby succulents! We will watch them grow this year! (9.18.18)

**A big thank you to Mrs. Golden for letting us borrow her terrarium!

PROPAGATING succulents

Succulents are unique in that they can propagate from their leaves. The kids took turns planting the leaves and some recently propagated plants.

garden goodies

The kids got to enjoy some of the "fruits and vegetables of their labor" today at lunch. :) To see them experience gardening full circle is a pretty awesome thing!