Mrs. Walker's Class Website

Virtual Office Hours Schedule:

Monday PM - 12:45-1:30 PM

Tuesday & Thursday AM - 7:45-8:30

Wednesday PM - 1:45-2:30 PM

Virtual Office Hours Norms:

1. Students will enter the class video meeting with microphones muted unless answering a question.

2. Students will have their cameras turned on during all meetings (if you have a device without a camera please contact the school office and a device will be checked out to you)

3. Students will use the chat box only when directed to do so by the teacher or when they have a question for the teacher.

Class code for Virtual Office Hours: mrjp2fh

7th Grade Google Classroom Add Codes

Per. 2 - 7th Grade PE - knwf6rt

Per. 3 - 7th Grade PE - vjl3buh

Per. 5 - 7th Grade PE - thlrwmm

8th Grade Google Classroom Add Codes

Per. 1 - 8th Grade PE - zvpr2hu

Per. 4 - 8th Grade PE - rhk56rk

Per. 6 - 8th Grade PE - je3vcnt

Distance Learning Norms & Expectations