Continuity of Education

Cheshire Public Schools

Cheshire Public School's Remote Learning program has begun!

Given the reality of long-term school closures, Cheshire Public Schools is prepared to continue to provide education, in line with our curriculum, for all students. This plan reflects our best efforts to provide equitable educational opportunities for all. Remote learning is not a replacement for traditional schooling, but is designed to continue education for all learners to the greatest extent possible under these unprecedented circumstances.

More Information

Student Responsible Use

With the advent of remote learning and district-issued devices, CPS would just like to remind all students of the Responsible Use Policy that guides their appropriate use of the devices given to them.

Remote Learning Platforms

CPS will continue to use Google Classroom and the Google Suite of tools for remote learning. Specifically focusing on Screencastify and Google Meet.

Communication will be via SchoolMessenger or CPS Gmail.

Teacher Availability

Teachers will be available to students daily Monday- Friday via email or through Google Classroom, Google Meet or other Google tools. Teachers will communicate expectations for the start of school each day. Teachers in the younger grades may be emailing parents with additional materials for Learning Toolkits, while teachers of students in grades 7-12 will continue to provide learning opportunities through a variety of means including video, Google Docs, readings, assignments, etc.

School Calendar

As of March 16th, Governor Ned Lamont has closed all schools through at least Tuesday, March 31st.

CPS plans to implement its Remote Learning program beginning Wednesday, March 18th.

At this time, our last day of school would be June 18th, which includes maintaining April vacation.

Daily Schedule

We will operate on a delayed opening schedule as follows:

Darcey 10:50 - 3:20

Doolittle 10:05 - 2:35

Highland 10:50 - 3:20

Chapman 10:05 - 2:35

Norton 10:50 - 3:20

Dodd 10:06 - 2:45

CHS 9:30 - 2:00

Humiston 10:00 - 1:00