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EasyBib Databases/eBooks

Catalog Google Apps


The University of Texas has an extensive collection of maps including many historical maps.

A to Z maps - CCHS Database - Historical and modern maps; links to many online maps

You have to log in, even on campus:

user name:creek password:bear

Off-Campus Passwords

Most databases use creek/bear for the username and password but there are exceptions:


From the library page click on "Databases & eBooks" and scroll down to "Off-Campus Access". Log in from the 'Click Here' button, using your CCHS username and password. This takes you to a list of all usernames and passwords for the databases & eBooks.

Easy Bib

1. Click on the EasyBib tab on the right side of the CCHS library page . Log in using the 'sign in with Google' button.

1572 map of Barcelona: AtoZ Maps Online

Parenthetical References/Citations

(also called (In-text citations))

Sample paper showing how to match in-text citation with the Works Cited page

(log in to Google with CCHS email)

Purdue OWL examples

Search tips for finding Primary Sources

Catalog: "your topic" primary

Google: "your topic" "primary source"

ABC-CLIO: Documents - letters, speeches, etc.

Gale: Primary Source

Salem: Defining Documents, Milestone Documents

Annals of Am. History: all are primary sources

JSTOR, Academic Search Premier: try an advanced search and select a date range for your topic

National History Day website


2. Click on the apps grid in the upper-right corner of your Google Drive. Click on 'more' and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the EasyBib icon.

Thinking Maps

  • Click on: Thinking Map Templates
  • Scroll down to the map your want to use and select "Use this Template".
  • Change the name of the template to your topic.