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Recommended Databases:

Daily Life through History

Renaissance (SIRS) - search Ancient Egypt as Subject

World Geography - ABC-Clio

World History in Context - GALE

World History Ancient & Medieval Eras - ABC-Clio


From library catalog: To see eBooks only, click on: "Search only Electronic Books". Note: not all eBooks are listed in the catalog. If they are in the catalog, their call number will have "online" before the number.


Salem History - Great Events, Great Lives from History, Weapons & Warfare

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Sharpe Online - search 'Ancient Egypt' and click on 'Search Exact Term'

Virtual Reference Library (Gale) click on 'Title List' and scroll down to World Eras Vol. 5: Ancient Egypt,


Ancient Egypt - - click on the drop-down menu at the top of the screen for specific topics; try the links on the left sidebar

Ancient Egypt - Smart History - lots of good resources; be sure to look at the links on both left and right sidebars

Egypt - Odyssey online - click on the links for specific topics. The 'Cool Sites' links has some good website links, but some are broken

Egypt - The British Museum - explore the right sidebar topics

Webselect - SIRS

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