Research and Development

A dynamic Research and Development team, which includes four PhD researchers, are responsible for the development of proprietary synthesis routes for molecules with an identified viable local market. The company has the capacity to test the new technology on their pilot plants under close supervision of the R&D personnel before commercialization.

Close collaboration with local universities allows access to sophisticated analytical equipment and relevant expertise. The company affords the lecturers and students the opportunity to visit the company for exposure to commercial fine chemical manufacturing.

Technology is also sourced from other independent technology developers, such as the CSIR.

Synthesis Technologies

A list of the molecules that CPT can manufacture is available on request. CPT has the capacity to synthesise various molecules. The company develops its own process technology, with the emphasis on current and environmentally responsible processes. Typical chemical manipulations include oxidation, ammidation, alkylation and heterocyclic chemistry. Technology for the commercial manufacturing of water-based nano-materials also exists within the company.

Formulation Technologies

CPT formulates both liquids and powders under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. Final product pack sizes vary from 50 gram containers for powders to 200 litres for liquids. New or alternative formulations can also be developed and stability tests performed. Real-time and accelerated stability tests at ambient, as well as elevated temperature and humidity levels can be done.

Product types include emulsifiable concentrates, suspension concentrates and wettable powders