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Our priorities

Health and Safety

The health and safety of employees is the top priority of the company. Hazardous and operability studies are performed on all new projects and an important outcome of these studies is a safe operating procedure for each process. Operators are trained in these procedures before implementation and re-training is done annually. A Health and Safety Committee oversees day-to-day safety issues.


CPT has been operated according to GMP principles since its inception in 2001. The GMP Quality System is audited internally, as well as externally by clients and regulatory authorities.

Qualified analysts are responsible for quality control on all raw materials, during manufacturing and on all final products. If required, analytical procedures are developed and validated for HPCL and GC by the QC team.

Environmental Care

An important aspect of all new technology development is the minimization of effluent. A waste treatment plant is in operation to ensure that effluent meets regulatory requirements before it is released.