Promoting Precision Medicine for Mental Health Conditions

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Facilitating scientific research to diagnose and treat situational distress through advanced genetic and epigenetic technologies.

The CHCF is a 501(c)(3) organization that I formed in honor of my only son, whom I tragically lost in 2020. He was an incredible athlete and explorer and we shared a tremendous love for solving complex problems through scientific and critical thinking. I was, and always be, honored to be his father. My son will remain in my heart every moment for the rest of my existence. In establishing this foundation, I hope to keep his memory and intrepid spirit alive . Because he always called me a fixer, I don't want to let him down by giving in to despair, grief, and regret. Although I know it's too late to change the past for my beloved son, I feel it's my duty to do whatever is in my power to try to improve the future for others.

Although researchers have identified some correlations between mental health disorders and certain genes, there appear to be many other complex factors at work in these perplexing diseases. Situational distress causes epigenetic changes at the molecular level that appear to differ in individuals suffering from mental health disorders compared to the general population. The Foundation's goal is to facilitate the development of diagnostics and novel therapies by supporting promising research in genetic or epigenetic phenomena, such as DNA methylation and/or any alterations detected in the transcriptional and translational regulatory machinery. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

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Mission Statement:

To accelerate research in biomarkers for early diagnosis of high risk mental health conditions (MHC) and to develop novel targeted curative therapies based on molecular causes of MHC discovered through epigenetic and genetic research.

Mental Health Conditions will be diagnosed, treated, and cured just like any other diseases someday