CHCF Brain Foundation          

            "Promoting Research to Develop Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine for Serious and Life-Threatening Diseases of the Brain with Psychological Manifestations and Revolutionizing how we Approach These Serious Diseases of Brain like any other Physical Diseases"


I formed CHCF in honor of my only son, whom I tragically lost in 2020. He was an incredible athlete and explorer, and we shared a tremendous love for solving complex problems through scientific and critical thinking.  I was, and always be, honored to be his father. My son will remain in my heart every moment for the rest of my existence.  

   In establishing this foundation, I hope to keep his memory and intrepid spirit alive. Because he always called me a fixer, I don't want to let him down by giving in to despair, grief, and regret. Although I know it's too late to change the past for my beloved son, I feel  it's my duty to do whatever is in my power to try to improve the future for others.

 Mo Heidaran, Ph.D.

Cory Heidaran Charitable Foundation


The long-term goals, which are the focus of CHCF , are to promote research to: 

The blueprint of the programmatic goals of CHCF can be found at!AlBYqvW-vRmOtS4tnMwPnIt88Shj?e=4L4SRp

For additional information challenges of biomarker discovery and validation please see

Please consider donating to CHCF to support the development of first ever risk and diagnostic test for early detection of individuals at high risk of serious and life threatening mental health diseases. is a non-profit organization and advocacy group, centered around mental health and learning disability with focus on long-term solutions.